Barker Families in Tasmania

My mother, Gail Jones, and I have been researching our Barker family for about twelve years. While doing this research we also found a lot of information on other Barker families and became interested in whether there was a connection to ours. We started to collect all information that we could gather on all Barkers. This information has now been put together for the purpose of helping all those who are researching Barkers in Tasmania. Each family is listed below by the name of the first Barker, in that line, who has been found in Tasmania. Some of the families may only have limited information. This is because we are not specifically researching these families, just adding anything that is found while doing our own Barker research. Please e-mail me if you think that you are connected to any of these families. Many of the Barker families currently have people researching them who I can put you in contact with.

BARKER, Alfred of Longford, Tas.

BARKER, John of Dunolly, Vic and Launceston, Tas.

BARKER, Richard of Macquarie Plains, Tas.

BARKER, Robert (my Barker family) of Cleveland, Tas.

BARKER, Samuel of Somerset and Burnie, Tas.

BARKER, Thomas of Breadalbane, Tas.

NAILER (BARKER) Emma Elizabeth of Seymour, Tas.

SNARE (BARKER), Martha of Forth, Tas.

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