Martha (Barker) Snare

Martha BARKER, bapt 1838 NFK ENG, died 1934 TAS AUS married:
Robert SNARE bapt 1832 NFK ENG. died 1901 TAS AUS.

Martha and Robert (along with others of Martha's family) arrived in Tasmania in 1857 as assisted immigrants. They settled at Forth. Christine Woods, a descendant, is the researcher for this family. If you are related please e-mail Christine.

Children of Martha BARKER and Robert SNARE

  1. George SNARE born 1858 TAS AUS, died 1951 TAS AUS. George married Jane BLACKSTOCK.
  2. Marion Isabel SNARE born 1860 TAS AUS, died 1947 TAS AUS. Marion married John HAYS.
  3. Ellinor Elizabeth SNARE born 1862 TAS AUS, died date unknown NSW AUS. Ellinor married Alexander CATTO.
  4. Mary Ann Eliza SNARE born 1864 TAS AUS, died 1926/27 TAS AUS. Mary married Thomas William LINDSAY.
  5. Sarah Maria SNARE born 1866 TAS AUS, died date unknown NSW AUS. Sarah married Patrick CATTO.
  6. John Frederick Edwin SNARE born 1868 TAS AUS, died 1942 TAS AUS. John married Charlotte Beatrice WARD.
  7. Robert Arthur SNARE born 1869 TAS AUS, died 1935 TAS AUS. Robert first married Mary Jane Eliza ROBERTSON and later married Harriet Elizabeth ROBERTSON.
  8. Emma Jane SNARE born 1871 TAS AUS, died 1954 TAS AUS. Emma didn't marry.
  9. Charles Benjamin SNARE born 1873 TAS AUS, died 1938 TAS AUS. Charles married Fanny Elizabeth LEWIS.
  10. Thomas Herbert SNARE born 1874 TAS AUS, died about 1949 QLD AUS. Thomas married Charlotte Jane MOORE.
  11. Alice Gertrude SNARE born 1876 TAS AUS, died 1964 TAS AUS. Alice married George John KNIGHT who was born in Wales.
  12. Henry Ernest SNARE born 1879 TAS AUS, died 1950 TAS AUS. Henry married Harriett LITTLER.
  13. Ida Martha SNARE born 1880 TAS AUS, died 1945. Ida married Edgar Thomas George ELLIOTT.

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