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John BARKER, born abt 1856 TAS AUS, died 1918 TAS AUS married:
Eliza KING born abt 1853 place unknown (daughter of Charles Carey KING & Eliza Katherine JONES). John later moved back to Tasmania with:
Charlotte PIKE born abt 1879, died 1963 TAS AUS.

John was the son of Joseph BARKER & Jane Maria BAKER who started off in Launceston and then moved to Victoria. Their other children were Jane born abt 1853, Joseph James born 1854 and Anne Elizabeth born 1858. I have included John in the Barker section as he spent more time in Tasmania than others in his family. John farmed land at Newnham near Launceston. The first section is for John's Victorian family. The second section is for his later Tasmanian family.

Children of John BARKER and Eliza KING

  1. Joseph James BARKER born 1875 VIC AUS, died 1956 VIC AUS. Joseph married Sarah BRITTEN.
  2. John Henry BARKER born 1877 VIC AUS, died 1968 VIC AUS. John married Susan WILLIAMS.
  3. Arthur BARKER born 1879 VIC AUS, died 1879 VIC AUS.
  4. Ann Elizabeth BARKER born 1880 VIC AUS, died 1880 VIC AUS.
  5. Edith BARKER born 1881 VIC AUS. No other details known.
  6. George BARKER born 1884 VIC AUS, died 1951 VIC AUS. George married Alice Maud DUFF.
  7. William Henry BARKER born 1886 VIC AUS, died 1904 VIC AUS.
  8. William BARKER born 1888 VIC AUS, died 1985 VIC AUS. William married Daisy Ann HARTIGAN.
  9. Lily BARKER born 1890 VIC AUS. No other details known.
  10. Ernest BARKER born 1892 VIC AUS, died 1893 VIC AUS.
  11. Claude BARKER born 1894 VIC AUS, died 1963 VIC AUS. Claude married Audrey Agnes WHYTE.
  12. Eva BARKER born 1894 VIC AUS. No other details known.

Children of John BARKER and Charlotte PIKE

  1. Charlotte BARKER born 1903 VIC AUS, death date unknown. Charlotte married William SAUNDERS.
  2. John BARKER born abt 1906 AUS, died 1966 TAS AUS. John didn't marry.
  3. Clara BARKER birth date unknown, death date unknown. Clara married A.E. DEAN and lived in Victoria.
  4. Clarence BARKER born abt 1909 TAS AUS, died 1995 TAS AUS. Clarence married Jean Aphra GUY.
  5. William Henry BARKER born abt 1913 TAS AUS, died 1994 TAS AUS. William married Lillas Martha SYMONS.
  6. Constance BARKER born abt 1914 TAS AUS, death date unknown. Constance married Douglas Phillip CASSIDY.
  7. Arthur George BARKER born abt 1917 TAS AUS, died 1948 TAS AUS. Arthur married Olga SODERBERG.
  8. Reginald Thomas BARKER born abt 1919 TAS AUS, died 1936 TAS AUS. Reginald didn't marry.

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