Bonner/Watson Family

Ebenezer George BONNER born 1858 TAS AUS, to Edward William BONNER and Elizabeth HAZLEWOOD married:
Catherine Marriott WATSON born 1851 TAS AUS, to Brereton Rolla R.P. WATSON and Catherine WADE.

This family is not one of mine. I have collected bits and pieces when researching my own Bonner family. I have decided to include this information in case someone is related to this family and it may help in some way. I have not thoroughly researched this family so there is a lot of missing information. Please let me know if you are connected to this family so that I can add your name and e-mail address as a contact.

Children of Ebenezer George BONNER and Catherine Marriott WATSON

  1. Ebenezer George BONNER born 1877 TAS AUS. Ebenezer married Ellen Ruth HARRIS.
  2. Edward Rolla Marriott BONNER born c1878 VIC AUS, died 1951 TAS AUS. Edward married Georgina Elizabeth ADAMS.
  3. Winifred Marriott BONNER born 1880 TAS AUS. Winifred first married ______ HARRIS and later married Charles John ANDERSON.
  4. Wentworth David BONNER born 1881 TAS AUS.
  5. Frank Ernest BONNER born 1882 TAS AUS.
  6. Elizabeth Letitia BONNER born 1884 TAS AUS.
  7. Florrie Madeline BONNER born 1885 TAS AUS. Florrie married Herbert Leslie JESSUP.
  8. Angelina Kate BONNER born 1887 TAS AUS.
  9. Isabella (Lena) Alvie BONNER born 1887 TAS AUS. Lena married Eric Arthur TUCKER.
  10. Kate May Meta BONNER born 1888 TAS AUS.
  11. Daisie Valentine BONNER born 1890 TAS AUS.
  12. Muriel Wentworth BONNER born 1891 TAS AUS.
  13. Evangeline BONNER born 1893 TAS AUS.

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