Fisher Family

Charles FISHER born c1837, died 1880 TAS AUS,
Emily LOCHE born c1830 SOM ENG, died 1863 TAS AUS,

Emily arrived in Tasmania 1842 on the 'Arab' with her mother and step-father (see Viney) and her sisters Martha (see Treloggen) and Mary Ann (see Clifford). Charles and Emily lived in the Districts of Campbell Town and Oatlands. After Emily's death Charles had six children to Marian ROOMS, one of which was Amy Hannah FISHER who married Joseph Thomas TRELOGGEN.
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Children of Charles FISHER and Emily LOCHE

  1. Sarah FISHER born 1848 TAS AUS, died 1879 TAS AUS. Sarah married Robert ROBOTHAM.
  2. Charles Peirce FISHER born 1849 TAS AUS, died 1850 TAS AUS.
  3. Henry FISHER born 1851 TAS AUS, death date and place unknown. Henry married Mary Ann COOK.
  4. James FISHER born 1853 TAS AUS, no other information.
  5. Hannah FISHER born 1855 TAS AUS, died 1855 TAS AUS.
  6. Mary Emily FISHER born 1856 TAS AUS, died 1873 TAS AUS.
  7. William Pearce FISHER born 1858 TAS AUS, death date and place unknown. William married Mary Maud NETTLEFOLD.
  8. Robert John FISHER born 1860 TAS AUS, death date and place unknown. Robert married Annie Louisa LEE.
  9. Richard FISHER born 1862 TAS AUS, died 1863 TAS AUS.

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