Rhodes Family

Thomas RHODES bapt 1816 LIN ENG, died 1859 VIC AUS. Thomas married:
Dinah DONNER bapt 1819 LIN ENG.

Thomas and Dinah, with Emmanuel, James, Robert and an infant born on board ship arrived in Victoria in 1852.

Children of Thomas RHODES and Dinah DONNER

  1. Emmanuel Donner RHODES born c1841 LIN ENG. Emmanuel married Jane PATCHING.
  2. Elizabeth RHODES born LIN ENG, died before 1852 LIN ENG.
  3. Robert Donner RHODES born c 1846 LIN ENG. Robert married Christina McPHEE/McPHERSON.
  4. James RHODES born c1849 LIN ENG. James married Matilda HEMSON/THOMPSON/KEMPSON.
  5. Thomas Donner RHODES born c1850 LIN ENG. Thomas married Mary Anne ANDREWS.
  6. Mary Ann Flora RHODES born c1852 at Sea. Mary married William ANSON.
  7. Jane Maria RHODES born 1856 VIC AUS. Jane married Jacob SKINNER.
  8. Diana Rebecca RHODES born 1859 VIC AUS. Diana married Robert THROCKMORTON.

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