The Discovery of Lt. James Grant’s family

The Discovery of Lt. James Grant’s family

                                                                                                              © Irene Schaffer


When I wrote the story about Lt. James Grant in 2004 I was not able to say for sure if he had any children to his marriage with Ann Waters. They married just before he left England on his voyage to the Colony on the Lady Nelson in 1800.

While I was researching his profile I placed a notice on a family history list-site in 2000. Nothing came of this until last week when I received an email from a descendant of his daughter in Sussex.

This daughter Ann married the witness to her father’s death, as he and his father were living next to door to the Grants at St. Servan.

Ann and James had five children, three daughters and two sons. James died in St. Servan in France in 1833. His will and death certificate did not show that he had descendants and this made me wonder if there were children to the marriage.

One of his sons James, born about 1811 and at the age of fifteen he was awarded a medal from the French Government for saving, at the risk of his own life, a French soldier from drowning. The medal is still in the family and I hope to see a photo of it soon.

I am now in contact with a descendant of his daughter in England and another member of the family in St. Servan in France.

I am sure this is not the end of story of this important man and his family and of course the Lady Nelson story.

Another descendant Jeremy Carter who lives in France visited the English Cemetery in St. Servan where James Grant was buried in 1833, he found that the grave was more in keeping as a tomb but could not find out if other members of the family were also buried there.

Lt James Grant R.N. 1772-1833 & H.M. Colonial Brig Lady Nelson 1798-1824 by Irene Schaffer 2004