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Captains and Crews on the Lady Nelson 1798 - 1824

Captains and Crews on the Original Lady Nelson




Lady Nelson River Thames 1800 

1798- 1799                                          Commander                 Not known


Service in the River Thames until the Lady Nelson was placed under the command of Lt. James Grant and sailed to Portsmouth, from where she set sail for NSW.



19 Oct. 1799-1801                              Commander:           *Lt. James Grant R.N.                                                                      Crew:                           (12-15 men) no names


First ship to sail through Bass Straight from west to east. 1800

Service in the Colony of New South Wales, Norfolk Island & Van Diemen’s Land. 1800-1



James Grant The Narrative of a Voyage of Discovery, performed by His Majesty’s Vessel The Lady Nelson.

                                                Ida Lee The Log Books of the Lady Nelson.

Irene Schaffer. Lt. James Grant 1772-1833 & H.M Colonial Brig Lady nelson 1798-1824.



1801                                                    Commander:                 William Rossin Lt.


1802                                                    Commander                 Acting Lt. Murray


Crew:                           *John Johnstone 2nd Mate

                                                                                                Isaac Ross

                                                                                                William Haines

                                                                                                John Mc Donald

                                                                                                George Woodlands

                                                                                                James Browne

                                                                                                Thomas Field

                                                                                                John Daily

                                                                                                William Murphy

                                                                                                John Tate

                                                                                                Thomas Tackle




Valda Cole. The Summer Survey. Log of the Lady Nelson 1801-1802.


1803    January                                   Commander                 *Lt. George W. Curtoys

                                                             With Buffalo                                       

Crew                            *James McDonald 

                                                                                                William Roberts

                                                                                                Richard Perkins

                                                                                                Richard Wallis

                                                                                                William Robinson

                                                                                                William Evans

                                                                                                John Barton

                                                                                                George Jackson

                                                                                                Richard Jackson

                                                                                                William Duce

                                                                                                Charles Abercrombie


1803 April                                           Commander                Lt GeorgeCurtoys Acting

                                                                                                James Symons 1st Mate


Crew                            Benjamin Rowland

                                                                                                William Murphy

                                                                                                John Williams

                                                                                                John Mason

                                                                                                *William Brooks

                                                                                                Joseph Emanuel

                                                                                                Philip Jaminson

                                                                                                George Coxson

                                                                                                Isaac Ross


 1803   August                                                                        *Isaac Moss (convict)




Service in the Colony of NSW.

Surveyed the Tamar River with botanist Robert Brown on board, collected rare plants and sent them to England.1803.

Assisted Lt. Col. Collins in conveying his party from Port Phillip to the River Derwent 1803-4.

Lady Nelson sailed with Albion to establish first settlement on the River Derwent. Lt. Bowen as Commandant. 1804



Irene Schaffer & Glyn Roberts. Lady Nelson’s Voyage to the River Derwent 1803. Log Book June – October




                                                                                    William Evans

                                                                                    John Baston

                                                                                    George Jackson

                                                                                    Richard Jackson

                                                                                    William Duce

                                                                                    John Winsor

                                                                                    William Connelly

                                                                                    James Done

                                                                                    Charles Abercombie




1804-5                                     Commander:                  Lt. James Symons 
                                                                                    To Port Dalrymple

Crew                            Thomas Allen

                                                                                    Henry Antonio

                                                                                    Wiliam Mistlock 1st Mate

                        Philip Goodinought 2nd Mate

                                                                                    John Pioperly?


*George Bruce (Convict)


Service in the Colony of NSW. Port Jackson to Port Dalrymple.

Sailed to NZ to return Chief Te Pahi.



Irene Schaffer  & Glyn Roberts. Lady Nelson’s Voyage from Port Jackson to Port Dalrymple 1804. Log Book, October 1804 – January 1805.

                                                George Bruce: Australian Biography.


1807-8                                                 Commander:                 Lt. Kent


                                                Service in the Colony of NSW. NI & VDL.

Sailed from Norfolk Island in 1807-8 with Deportees for the River Derwent.



Irene Schaffer. Embarkations of Norfolk Islanders to VDL 1807-1813; Exiled Three Times Over.



1808-9                                                 Commander:                 William Stewart

                                                                                                (Master Marine)


Conveyed the Lady Nelson to Mr B Overhand.




1809-11                                               Commander:                 *Bryan Overhand



Sailed from Port Dalrymple to Port Jackson.

                                                Sailed to Norfolk Island and Newcastle from Sydney.

Sailed from Sydney to Hobart Town with Governor Macquarie and Mrs Macquarie for a tour of inspection 1811.                                                .



1811 & 1815                                       Commander:                 Edward Watson


                                                Sailed to Newcastle from Sydney 1812



1813                                                    Commander                 *Bryan Overhand



Sailed with the last of the deportees from Norfolk Island to Port Dalrymple 1813


1815-1816                                           Commander                 *Thomas Whyte (White)

                                                                                                     Master Marine


Crew                            George Watson


Sailed from Sydney to Newcastle. Reports on the aging condition of the Lady Nelson.



                                                K. Morris. The Fortunes of Captain Thomas Smyth



1817                                                    Commander                 David Smith

                                                                                                (Master Mariner)



1818                                                    Commander:                 Lt. William Randall


Sailing north of Port Stephens.


1819                                                    Commander                 G. Brown


                                                Delivering Convicts to Port Macquqrie.



1821                                                    Commander:                *Captain John Nicholson


                                                When the Lady Nelson was wrecked at Port Macquarie

                                                Nicholson was appointed to refloating her and

                                                Macquarie granted him 700 acres of land and his




                                    Brief Details of Captain John Nicholson Master

  (R.N) And his Family and Descendants.


1821-1824                                           Commander                 *Thomas Hansen


                                                Lady Nelson wrecked off Port Macquarie. 1821



                                                Kath Hansen. In the Wake of the Active.

                                                Ray Martin. The First Family Captain Thomas and

Hannah Hansen and their children.



1824-25                                               Commander:                 Captain Samuel Johns

                                                            Crew:                           Henry Hamilton

                                                                                                John Juer

                                                                                                John Pawsey

                                                                                                (7 not named)


J.J. Colledge. Ships of the Royal Navy; Mariner’s Mirror, Blue Book for 1826.


Extracts from book Captains and Crews on the Original Lady Nelson 1798-1825.


* Profiles



*Lt. James Grant R.N.

*Lt. George W. Curtoys

*Thomas Whyte (White)

*Bryan Overhand

*Captain John Nicholson

*Thomas Hansen



*John Johnstone

*James McDonald 

*William Brooks

*George Bruce (Convict)

*Isaac Moss (convict)


If anyone has information on any of the captains or crew, I would be grateful and would include it. Any mistakes please let me know and I will correct them.

© Irene Schaffer 2006             

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