New Books in my book case

Women, History, Books and Places.

Susanna Hoe

Launched last night (25 November 2010) by the author who arrived fron England during the week.

This book is a story of Tasmanian women from all walks of life.
From the wives of Governor's to convicts.

This is a book that you can take away with you when you go on a trip around Tasmania, it would make a wonderful gift for a visitor who is travelling around the state on holidays. The places range from east to west, north to south and while giving the history of the town it also gives stories of women who lived there.

Available at bookshops throughout the state or go on line


The Bells of Old Bailey, From the Cobbled Streets of Victorian London to the Busy Streets of Hobart Town, 

by Lynne Christison Rhodes.     

Monteith Family.

Beautifully written and not very often seen wood engravings throughout the book, with a sprinkling of thoughtful poems. The Monteith family has been recorded by Lynne and has resulted in a interestion look at the family back in England to present day Monteiths' in Tasmania. 


On the Fiddle

 from Scotland to Tasmania 1815-1863. The Life and Music of Alexander Laing (1792-1868) Convict, Constable, Fiddler and Composer.

by Peter MacFie and Steve & Marjorie Gadd

65 Original Melodies Draw from a Rare Manuscript with Historical Commentary. by Peter MacFie.