The Founding of Australian Cities

The Founding of Australian Cities.

Hobart is the third in this series - Sydney first and Melbourne the second.  CD's have been made for Australian Schools by John Hillel and now available to the public. 

HOBART CD  (programe 3)

Program Summery:
This program tells the story of the founding of the city Hobart. Using the contemporary as a reference, it traces the origans as a small penal settlement to its establishment as a permanent township under Governor Sorell.

The story of the founding of Hobart parallels the founding of the colony of Australia in some important ways. The town started as a small penal colony, as did Australia's first settlement of Sydney. Again, as with Sydney, the permanence of the settlement was in doubt as food ran short and law and order broke down. Eventually, however, the town found its feet as an important trading port and administrative centre. The modern city obscures this story; original landing places and temporary buildings have long gone. However, the places where key events took place and showing how a modern city unfolds from its earlist beginnings, brings this part of the history of Hobart to life.

It also tells of the arrival of over 700 persons from Norfolk Island between 1807 and 1813. These people were most ex-convicts and some military men with their wives and children Their arrival was to pay a big part in populating the island and allowing it to go much more quickly then it would have done with on Lt. Col. Collins small part of free and convict families.

These CD's tell the stories of our capital cities with their early history and have been made and have been well researched and produced.

Highly recommended. 

Priced at $29.95 including postage the CD's of each of the cities are available by email via

Irene Schaffer