Trial John Jordan 1848 Norfolk Plains

John Jordan's Trial
Norfolk Plains 1848.

March next year will mark the final chapter in the Norfolk Islanders exiled to Port Dalrymple in 1813, when the Lady Nelson and the Minstrel brought the last of those who had remained on Norfolk Island, when the first settlers and prisoners went to Hobart Town in 1807-8.

Since I wrote my book on James Jordon some time ago I have often wanted to go back to the tragic story of the trial of John Jordan, grandson of James Jordan, convict off the Queen in 1792.

At the time of writing I was concerned about what I thought might have been a few injustices that may have come about before and during the trial.

There seemed to be no doubt that John was involved in the attract of Zimram Youram that resulted in his death but because he was from a well known family more has written about him than about Patrick McDonough, the passholder who worked for John's father and was arrested three weeks before John's arrest, and turned King's evidence.

I have copied what I wrote at the time and scanned it below. 

I now intend to go back to the coverage of the trial in the Cornwall Chronicle and look at it more closely. If there is anyone who has studied the trial and would like to discuss their views I would be very pleased if they would get in touch with me.


Extracts from my book
James Jordan Last Journey Norfolk Island to Norfolk Plains. 1813.