Books I wish To Sell

Land Musters and Stock Lists VDL 1803-1822

Land Musters and Stock Lists VDL 1803-1823. 

Lists of settlers and their land and stock in the north and south of the island, Men women and children in Hobart and Port Dalrymple.

Special price $30 including postage. was $59.00+ postage.


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The History of Tasmania

The History of Tasmania John West by A.G.L. Shaw. $75.00 + $7.00 postage. Hard cover, a bit worn.

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History of Australia

Manning Clark. A History of Australia From the Earliest Times to the Age of Macquarie. $40.00 plus + postage 

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Maria Island

Maria Island A Tasmanian Eden. by Margaret Weidenhofer.

$20.00 plus $5 postage.  Hard cover. good condition.

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Glamorgan Tasmania

Glamorgan Tasmania. The Oldest Rural Muncipality in Australia by Bill Davenport & Ruth Amos. Excellent condition.

$28.00 plus $5 postage in Australia

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Mission to the Islands

Missions to the Islands The Missionery Voyages in Bass Strait of Canon Marcus Browrigg 1872-1885. Edited by Stephen Murray-Smith. Jacket slightly worn.

$50.00 postage free in Australia.

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The Bidencope Story

The Bidencope Story.

A book about the Bidencope family and their business for over150 years.

Reduced to $25 post free in Australia

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