Anson - female convicts

ADAMS Barbara Kinnear 1848 Married Joseph Reece 1851 10 children
BARNES Anne Calvin Married to Patrick (in England) 2 children Married John Morrissy 1853
BARRELL Jane Tory (3) 1848  
BURNSIDE Mary Kinnear 1848 Married Jesse Chamberlain 1849 4 children
CAREY Anna Waverley (3) 1847 Married William Johnston who arrived on the HMS Anson in 1844
CARTHY (739) Catherine Tory Died on board the Anson
DAVIS Elizabeth Tory (3) 1848  
DAVIS Eliza Tasmanian (2) 1845 Married Joseph Roeback 3 children
DUNNE Etty John Calvin Married John Webster 1849 5 children
EUSTER Anastasia Tasmania (2) 1845  
EVANS Mary Ann Tasmania (2) 1845 Married Samuel Withers
FARRELL Ellen Waverley (3) 1847 Married William Bourke
FARRELL Mary Waverley (3)1847 Married James O'Neill
FLYNN (432) Catherine Australasia 1849 Died on board the Anson
GILGAN Mary Arabian 1847 Died on board the Anson
JACKSON Rebecca Waverley (3) 1847 Married John England 1854 8 children
JAMINSON Janet Asis (7) 1847  
KEHOE Elizabeth Kinnear 1848  
KEOGH Essy Mary   Married John Powell (convict) 10 children
KERR Ann(ie) John Calvin 1848  
KERR (ARMSTRONG) Ann(e) John Calvin 1848 Child on board (Mary Ann)
LITTLE Margaret Kinnear 1848 Married Joseph Crockett 1851 4 children
MACK Mary Elizabeth & Henry 1848 Married Darby Whelan 1852 6 children
MARIEN (1022) Louisa Stately 1849 Died on board the Anson
MCKAY Margaret Sea Queen 1846 Married Peter Carr in 1852
MCKENZIE Mary Sea Queen 1846  
MCTIGHE Sarah Waverley (3) 1847 Married Peter Flynn 1850
REID Esther John Calvin 1848 Married Terence Gray 1850 2 children
SANKEYS (LASKEY) Mary John Calvin 1848 Married Charles Oakford Two children on board
SHORTALL Ellen Maria (2) 1849 Married John Higgins 3 children
WICKER (778) Elizabeth Cadet 2 1848 Died on board the Anson
WILSON (753) Caroline Tory (2) 1848 Died on board the Anson
YATES Elizabeth Elizabeth & Henry Married Henry Weston 1849 7 children

Many more women spent their first six month's probation on the Anson.  If you have an ancestor who did, I would love to have contact with you and add them to the list.

For more information on these women contact me and I will send the email address of the person who forwarded the entry (with their permission).

See the story of the conditions on the Anson while these women were stationed on her on this website at The Anson - history of the ship.