Woolmers convicts & workers 1820-60

                        Convicts and workers who were at the 
                   Woolmers, Longford, between 1820 and 1806s

                List of convicts and workers who were at Woolmers 
                             between 1820 and the 1860s 

  This list is being compiled by David Boon and it will be displayed on this website for anyone who are descendants of the convict and workers.    David has been working on this list for sometime and he is willing to share what he has found to anyone who would be interested.   He is also hoping that his list can be added to and is willing to do so for anyone contacting him.

ABBOTT           Alfred              Convict (Surrey 3  1832)

ACKERS           John                Convict (Asia 3 1827))

ADAMS            William             Convict (Anicourt 1844)
ALLEN             William             Convict (Bussorah Merchant 1830) 

ALLENSBY       William              Convict (Lady Harewood 1830) 

AUSTIN           Josias               Convict  (Layton 2 1835)    

BACKHOUSE    John                  Convict (Lord Wm Benttinck 2 1838)

BAGNALL         Mary Ann           Convict (Tory 1 1845, wife of William Belbin)  

BALL               Anne                  Convict (Edward 1834, wife of Isaac Boxall

BARKER           William               Convict (Lady Nugent 1836)  

BARRETT          ?                        (mentioned as ploughman at Woolmers)  

BARRY             Charles               Convict (Juliana 1820)  

BARTLETT         Robert               Convict (Bengal Merchant 1828)  

BARTON           James                 Convict (Neptune 1838) 

BAULCH            Mary Ann           Free (Arab 1842), married Richard Terry

BECK                Samuel              Free at Woomers  

BELBIN             William              Convict (Gilmore 3 1843)  

BENNETT          William              Convict (1841 muster)

BETTS              William               Free at Woolmers 

BEWS               Samuel              Convict (Coromandel 1820)  

BLOOM             William               Convict (Agincourt 1844)

BOON              William & family    Assisted immigrants (Arab 1842)

BOWMAN          James                 Convict (Moffatt 2 1838)  

BOXALL             Isaac                  Convict (Isabella 1 1833)

BRADDICH         Thomas               Convict (Henry Porcher 1836) 

BRIGSTOCK       John                    Convict (Governor Ready 1827) 

BROWN              Alfred                  Convict (Augusta Jessy 2 1838) 

BROWN              George                   ?    With Julia nee Mills 1860's (several children born there)

 BYRON              Elenor                  Convict (Mellish 1830)

BUDWORTH       Benjamin               Convict (Woodford 2 1827)     

BURGOYNE        Thomas                  Convict (Lord Hungerford 1821) 

BURTON            Richard                  Convict (Agincourt 1844) 

BUTLER              William                  Convict (Woodford 2 1828) 

BUTTERFIELD     Francis                  Convict (Agincourt 1844)        
CASTLE/CASELL  James                    Convict (Norfolk 1835)

CHAFEY               Mary                       Wife of George Gilham

CHALONER           Edward                   Convict (Isabella 1 1833)

CHAPPLE              Isaac & family        Assisted imigrants (Arab 1842)

CHIDGY               John                        Convict (Circassian 1833)

COLE                    Amos                      Convict (Lord Lyndoch 1836)

COLES                  Thomas                  Convict (Henry Porcher 1836)

COMACK               John                       Convict (Maitland 1844)  Norfolk Island

CROFTS                James                     Convict (Hybernia 1819)

CROSS                  John                       Convict (Layton 1839)

CRUTCHLEY          Samuel & Mary       Convict (John Renwick 1843)

CUSSELL              John                        Convict Lord Lyndoch 1836)

DENTON               James                     Working with horses (Archer diaries 1848)

DICKINSON          Sarah                      Convict (Aurora 2 1852)

DOUGLAS              John                       Convict (Lady East 1825)

DUDLEY                 John                       Convict (Lord Lyndoch 1831)

DUFF                      Jane                       Convict (Nautilus 1838)

DUNN                     James                    Free at Woolmers (blacksmith 1850)

DUNSTAN              William                   Assisted immigrant (Arab 1842)

DYKE                     Samuel                    Convict (Aurora 1835)

EDWARDS             Charles                    Convict 9Asis 4 1836)

ELEY                     William & Ruth       Free on property (1860-1870s)

EMMERSON           John                        Convict (  Elphinstone 1836)

EVANS                   James                     Convict (Mangles 1835)                               

FLANDERS             James                     Convict (Elphinstone 2 1836)

FOSTER                  John                        Convict (pass holder 1845)

FULLER                   Edward                   Free at Woolmers

GARDNER               William                   Free at Woolmers (1847-1853)

GARDNER                John                       Convict (Eden 1 1836)

GARNER                  Samuel                   Convict (William Metcalf 1834)

GATEHOUSE            Georgina                Convict (Rajah 1841) *

GIBSON                  William                   Convict (Elpinstone 1 1836)

GILHAM                  George                    Assisted immigrant to NSW. Carpenter & wheelwright

GOODYEAR             Elizabeth                Convict (Gilbert Henderson 1840)

GRAHAM                 Harriet                    Convict (Sir Charles Forbes 2 1827)

GREENHAM             George                    Assisted immigrant (Arab 1842)

GRIGG                    John & Elizabeth      Free workers - blacksmith

GOOMBRIDGE         Stephen                   Convict (Surrey 1 1818)

GROSE/GROUSE     William                    Convict (Strathfieldsaye 1831)

GRUBB                     William                    Free (married Georgina Gatehouse)

GUSFORD                Stephen                   Mentioned in Archer's diaries

HADFIELD               Ann                          Convict (Lady of the Lake 1829)

HANKS                     Nathaniel Day         Convict (Moffat 2 1838)

HARRIS                   William                     Convict (Marquis of Hastings 1 1839)

HORTON                  Anne                         Convict (Duke of Wellington 1818)

HUGHES                   Joseph                      Convict (1841 Muster)   

JARMAN                   George & family       Assistant immigrant (Arab 1842)

JONES                      George                      Free worker at Woolmers

JUPP                         Henry                       Convict (Daphne 1841) free at Woolmers

KEATON                    William                    Convict (Countess of Harcourt 1821)

KELLY                        Martha                     Convict (Francis Charlotte 1 1833

KELTIE                       Andrew James        Carpenter at Woolmers 1860s
                                   and Sarah
KETT                           Isaac                       Convict (Susan 1 1837)

KIKUP                        Matthew                  Convict (Manilus 2 1830)

LAWRENCE                Margaret                  Convict (Hydery 1832)

LEE                             James                      Servant Woolmers for over 40 years died 1869

LEWIS                        Philip                       Convict (Atlas 1833)

LEWIS                        John                         Convict (Atlas 1833)

LINSTEAD                  Charles                    Convict (Lady Kennaway 1 1835)

LAW                            Mary                        Convict (New Grove 1835)

MAHONEY                   Charles                    Convict 2 Coromander 2 1838)

MANSFIELD                Francis                     Shepherd 1870s  

MARNEY                      Ann                          Convict (Platina 1837)

MASON                        Benjamin                 Convict (Augusta Jessie 1838)

MATTERS/MUTTERS   William                     Convict (Recovery 1837)

McDONALD                  James                       Free at Woolmers

McFARLANE                 Robert                      Convict (Lord William Bentinck 2 1838)

McINTYRE                    Mary                         Convict (Anna Maria 2 1852)

McLAUCHIN                  Mary                         Convict (Harmony 1829)

McROSTIE                    Hugh                         House servant 1844

MILES                           John                          Convict (Jane 1833)

MORRIS                       James                         Convict (PPH) 

MORTLOCK                   John                           Convict (William Metcarfe 1834)

MOUNT                         Thomas                      Convict (Arab 1 1822)

MUNRO                         James                        Convict (PPH)

OWEN                           Evan                           Convict (Sarah 1837)

OWEN                           Walter                        Convict 9Sarah 1837)

PEARSON                      Joseph                        Convict (Lord Lyndoch)

PETCHEY                       John                           Convict (Susan 1837)

PHILLIPS                      John                          Assistant immigrant (Arab1842)                                                     

POLDEN                         Francis                      Convict (Argyle 1831)

PORTER                         William                      Convict (Susan 1837)

PRICE                            Charles                      Convict (Mangles 1835)

RICHES                          William                      Labourer 1860s and 1870s

ROBERTS                        James                       Convict (Prince of Orange 1822)

ROBINSON                     William                      Convict (On property 1829)

ROSS                               Matthew                   Convict (Borossa 2 1844)

ROWE                              William                     Convict (William Metcaft 1834)

SETH                                Benjamin                  Convict (Enchantress 1833)

SHAPTON                        William                      Convict (Aurora 1835)

SHAW                              John                           Convict (Recovery 1837)

SIMS                                James                        Convict (Maitland 1844)

SLATER                            Elizabeth                    Convict (Rajah 1841) *

SMITH                              John Lowe                 Manager at Woolmers 1860s and 1870s

SMITH                              Anne                          Convict (Hydery 1832)

SMITH                             Daniel wife Margaret  House servant 1844

SMITH                             James                         Convict (Redrover 1831)

SMITH                             Sarah                          Convict (Elizabeth and Henry)

SMITH                             Sarah                           Convict ( Providence 2 1825)

SMITH                             John                             Convict (Woodford 1828)K

SPEAKMAN                     Joseph                          Convict (Gilbert Henderson 1845)

STONE                             William                         Convict (Southworth 2 1834)

STONACH                        John                              Overseer 1850s

STROUD                          William                          Convict (Henry Porcher 1836)

SYMONS                          Henry                            Ploughman and card driver 1840s

TAYLOR                           Richard                          Convict (PPH)

TERRY                              Richard sen                   Convict (Agincourt 1844)

TERRY                              Richard jun                    Convict (Agincourt 1844)

TERRY                              Joseph                           Convict (Agincourt 1844)

TURNER                            Thomas                         Convict (Agincourt 1844)

TURTON                            Sarah                            Convict (Rajah 1841) *

TWIST                               James                           Convict (Dromedary 1819)

UFFER/USSER                   James                           Convict (Lord Wiliam Bentinck 2 1838)

WADLEY/WHATLEY           Henry                           Convict (Lord Kennaway 1 1834)

WAKEFIELD                       Farncis & Elizabeth       Labourer 1850s

WARD                                 Samuel                          Convict (Augusta Jessie 1 1835)

WATSON                             James                           Overseer

WAUSBURN                         Joseph                         Shepherd 1850s

WELLER                               George                         Convict (William Jardine) 

WILLIAMS                            Mary                            Convict (Arab 3 1836)

WILSON                                Elenor                          Convict (Hydery 1832)

WHITWORTH                        James                          Convict (Medway 2 1825)

WORRALL                              Maria                            Convict (Westmoreland 1 1836)                      

*  Their stories in Patchwork Prisoners. The Rajah Quilt and the women who made it. - Trudy Cowley & Dianne Snowden.